In health and social care services every second matters.

Fraame Healthcare's software solutions ensure you make the most of them.

Who Are We?

Fraame Healthcare has been innovating in the health and life sciences technology space for over 20 years. Head quartered in Christchurch, Fraame now has offices and staff in Auckland, Christchurch, Melbourne and Sydney. Fraame Healthcare is a pre-eminent provider of application software and services to the Non-Government, community and Not for Profit sectors in New Zealand, with a presence in Australia.

What's New

What We Do

FileVision Health is a configurable and secure client management system, designed to help Health and Social Services maximise productivity and  maintain service information on clients, programmes and resources and more!

Protect your organisation and its processes. To do so, you have to stay aligned to best-practice, operationally and contractually. It can be more complex than you might think. ComplyVision is here to help!

Fraame Healthcare specializes in and employs experts in the areas of information relationship management, document management, workflow software and web design with a focus on business process analysis.

Want a demo or have questions?

Our team is just a button click away to help you or to run you through a product demo to start you on the path to better business practices.

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