Cholmondeley: Changing the lives of Christchurch tamariki

Who are Cholmondeley Childrens Centre?

Cholmondeley Memorial Children’s Home was opened on 7th March 1925, as a generous result ofHugh Heber Cholmondeley, bequeathing both the land and the house to the tamariki of the area in memory of his late wife. Cholmondeley Children’s Centre has developed and adapted to the evolving needs of the community, since 1925 over 30,000 tamariki have stayed at Cholmondeley.

Today Cholmondeley provides short-term, plannedand emergency respite care for tamariki aged 3-12 whose families are experiencing genuine stress or crisis, as well as support to whānau in the community. The programme is offered in a centre-based model of service, in partnership with parents, and in accordance with international best practice.
Cholmondeley operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and each year needs to fundraise approximately $2.5 million to meet the annual operating costs. June 2021 to June 2022 Cholmondeley Children’s Centre worked with 331 tamariki from 267 whānau around the Canterbury region, providing 2,809 nights of care to these tamariki.

Outcomes and Framework Required by Cholmondeley Children’s Centre also provides support to whānau who are experiencing difficulties in managing stressors. The Awhi Service supports the community through its outreach programme delivered by The Refocus team to strengthen resilience in an ever-changing environment.

Cholmondeley is committed to upholding the principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi in the centre. Whakawhanaungatanga is the process of establishing links, making connections, and relating to the people we engage with by identifying in culturally appropriate ways, whakapapa linkages, hapu and iwi. The centre is anchored in an overarching philosophy of care entrenched in tamariki rights.

Cholmondeley employs a therapeutic community model; our model of respite at Cholmondeley is all care must be in the best interests of tamariki and tamariki are benefitting from the experience, they actively strive to avoid / dispel stigma and normalise positive help seeking behaviour.


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Key Functions of FileVision Health being utilized by Cholmondeley

Some of the many functions of FileVision Health being utilized by Cholmondeley are the following:

• Incidents
• Stay Bookings
• Child Demographics
• Learning/Care Plans
• Learning Stories
• Weekly Goals
• Assessments
• Surveys

Benefits of FileVision Health

Some of the main benefits FileVision Health provides to Cholmondeley are:

• One centralised client record – Allows reporting to come from the FileVision database and not multiple sources that need daily data entry.

Simple and effective links for daily tasks such as new referrals, attendance at events, case notes, reporting, and program attendance.

• Automatic actions and workflows. – Less time involved in creating reports, emails and referral data entry.

The enhancement of work efficiency and information management are not the only results of installing the FileVision Healthcare solution – a better audit process, clearer indication of a child’s relationship with the Cholmondeley Children’s
Centre are also Important outcomes, which add to a more efficient service across client’s service wide.

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