Protect your organisation and its processes. To do so, you have to stay aligned to best-practice, operationally and contractually. It can be more complex than you might think.

ComplyVision is a Policy Management Solution that empowers your organisation to implement consistent, efficient and sustainable processes for managing the life-cycle of Corporate Policies and Standards, Incidents, Service Improvement Requests and Procedures.

Global catastrophes such as 9/11, earthquakes, weather bombs and cyber security breaches have contributed to an era of volatile and shifting trends for business and government where “she’ll be right’, or “it’ll never happen to me” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Business framework and government legislation insist on processes, procedures and technology strategies that respond to evolving governance standards and obligations that mitigates risk from inaction or wrong action and establishes liability for the consequences.

ComplyVision allows you to manage these mandatory information requirements providing audit-able proof of compliance.

ComplyVision enables you to automate, measure, validate and report at every step of your governance and compliance initiatives, whether within individual departments, business units, branches or organisation-wide, ultimately reducing risks and costs while increasing audit ability and transparency.

Policy and Compliance Management Made Simple

ComplyVision. What is it?

  • A secure policy-management solution in one place, that links policies to their sources
  • Software that kick-starts certain actions demanded by established corporate policies and reminds staff about required timely procedures
  • Software that is able to demonstrate that your organisation complies with industry rules

What would you use it for?

  • Use it to manage the life-cycle of policies and procedures, and give you audit-able proof of adherence to them
  • Quality and Safety Standards library – All applicable National, State and sector or Payer specific standards can be maintained in this module and offer “Live Links” to the source material produced by NSQHS and other relevant Authorities.
  • Accreditation and re-certification Audit Workbench – A package of all the regular reports requested by your Auditor give the Auditor restricted access to whatever areas they are entailed to audit such as your Event and Incident recording and reporting data.
  • Policy Maintenance and new hire training – Proactive, Risk Management including ‘multi-choice’ templates that new employees have to complete in order to demonstrate that they have read and understand the Policies.
  • Event and Incident recording and reporting – Comprehensive management of events and incidents and associated reporting, including development of automatic service improvement requests.
  • Risk management metrics library – Maintain any risk metric the organisation choses to adopt for measuring and bench marking against best practice and forecast outcomes. Fraame does not build metrics but will provide a framework where the metrics chosen by the Hospital can be maintained, updated and accessed by staff.

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