Consulting & Web Design

Consulting Services

Flexibility and professionalism are the cornerstone of our services. Whether you need advice, analysis, design, development, implementation, or support to meet your corporate information management or web presence needs, Fraame Healthcare is ready to assist. We can fit in with you, supporting you when and where you need it.

The Implementation and Support Services provided by our Application Support team are designed to provide a complete solution for your organisation. Fraame Healthcare’s focus is on making Information Technology straightforward, transparent and easy for you. We deliver a complete operational solution, allowing you to focus on your business.

Web Design

Our dedicated web design team can see you from concept to completion of a website perfect for your needs. We will help develop solutions for the issues facing your organization in areas such as client reach, social media and search engine optimization. 

One of our core beliefs is providing a great value for money especially given the fields we specialize in non-governmental and other organizations in the medical field. We utilize one of the best CRM back-ends in the business and we make sure we provide you with the tools to make updates to your website in the future so you can maximize your value and outreach.

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