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Fraame Healthcare’s Case Management (CRM) software FileVision Health, fits the needs of any organisation, whatever the size. Small and medium sized organisations and enterprises alike make use of the FileVision Health’s document management software, document imaging, workflow and case  management technology.

FileVision Health is the Client/Case Management tool, designed suitably and priced right for any business. With added functionality such as application integration to any line of business application and electronic forms, FileVision Health rounds out its suite of products, making it the most comprehensive and affordable information relationship management solution available today.

Unlike existing Client/Case Management Software and other document management solutions that fail to leverage informational relationships within an organisation, FileVision Health bridges the gap between digital content and paper documents. FileVision Health helps organisations intelligently link and match documents to important data such as people, companies, processes and assets. 

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We'd love to give you a demo of the latest FileVision Health product. Just get in touch and one of our specialist staff will guide you through.

FileVision Health unique relationship management module offers complete flexibility in data storage by offering the ability to create unlimited data sets that can be linked to documents. These data sets provide user-definable fields that can be used for searching and reporting. Documents, notes and actions can be linked to each record. The relationship management module also provides the ability to push documents and data to other users resulting in improved communications, enhanced customer service and immediate access to information and other related data and documents.
FileVision Health provides a graphically intuitive interface that automates the management of documents and their versioning, auditing and archival. Annotations, colour-coded document status and multiple levels of security, round out the FileVision Health feature-rich document management module.

FileVision Health’s workflow management module automates and monitors business procedures, allowing critical path processes to be assigned to documents. With user-definable fields and flexible options, workflow can be easily configured for existing processes and provides improved and efficient task management along with multiple levels of accountability, security and control.

FileVision Health provides instant access to information through multiple search tools for documents, content, relationships and data. Documents can be found quickly and easily through user-defined key words and criteria or through full-text search. Relationship-centric searches can be performed using the powerful information relationship management search tool and a user’s unique defined fields.

In an effort to offer more flexibility and customization for each individual organisation, FileVision developed Custom Configurations. This advanced macro language allows the FileVision system to be easily configured for complex business rule automation while eliminating lengthy user processes. Features include event driven automation; scheduled, manual or polling trigger automation; graphical designer user interface; user interaction mode; design of complex workflows; data replication and synchronization; and automated custom imports and exports.

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We'd love to give you a demo of the latest FileVision Health product. Just get in touch and one of our specialist staff will run you through!

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