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Client Information – Referrals

Referrals Entry and Information

By clicking on the Referral Information tab you can select the Referral you wish to review, once selected if you move around FileVision you will see information relating to that particular referral only.

  • There can be multiple referrals made against one client. The referral data can only be changed until the Referral has been Finalized.
  • The Referral Entry screen is where a new referral is entered, once saved then the regular Referral Information screen is where the user goes to, to update and finalize the Referral.
    • The Referral Entry Screen will take the user via the Contact Screens (either Professional or Contact) to link the referral to a Referrer
    • The Case Notes feature must be made available upon saving the Referral Entry Screen as Waiting List notes are required.

Referral Information– How to Edit and existing referral

Once you have searched for your Client, click on the Referral Information Tab
Referral Summary will display, all fields can be sorted by clicking on the header.
Click on the Contract Name hypelink tol open the referral selected,
Press the Edit button and make the required changes
Press Save – all changes will be written to Case Notes.
Save and Finalise button – Once the referral has either been Accepted or Declined the Save and Finalise button is active, all referrals should be made finialised so the original referral data is not lost.  If details about the referral need to change such as the Referrer or Contract then these changes are made in the Change Case Details screen

The only section that can be edited after the referral is finalised is the  Admission Details Section, this allows the user to create multple admissions under the one referral, typically used for Planned Respite

Referral – How to create a new Entry

Select Add New Referral to add a new referral.

Selecting Close will return you to your previous screen.

Mandatory Field Information –All mandatory fields are indicated with a Red Asterisk *

Referral Details

  • Contract – Select a contract for this referral, this list will display all active Contracts or Sub Contracts in alpha order, single select only, by selecting a contract this will default as to the next fields available. Contracts can be changed in Change Case Details.
  • Referral Status – Select the status of the referral, note if the status changes from Waiting List to Accepted, a time stamp will be displayed to the right of that field, if Waiting List is select the number of days the person has been waiting will display.
  • Waiting List Triage – will only display if Waiting List is selected, select from dropdown list.
  • Reason for Waiting List – select from dropdown list.
  • Date of Referral – free text date.
  • Client Type – this will default to the contract selected.
  • Residential Type – select from dropdown list.
  • Residential Unit – select from dropdown list, will only display Accommodation units linked to the Contract with a status of Active.
  • Date of Planned Admission – date of planned admission.
  • Date of Planned Discharge – date of planned discharge.

Case Assigned To

  • Region – Select a region from the Dropdown list, only regions assigned from the Contract will be able to be selected.
  • Staff Member – Select a staff member from the dropdown list.
  • Day Attending – Select day attending and AM and PM.
  • Days Funded – put number of days funded for the client.

Referrer Details

Select from the tick box the type of referrer, once saved and next is selected, the next screen will be the Search Professional or Search Key Contact so that the user can search and link the client.

  • Referrer – once saved a hyperlink to the referral is available.
  • Preferred Contact – will display the Preferred Contact method for that referrer.
  • Reason for Referral – this is a free text field.


  • Hyperlink to all documents saved under the Referral Information fold for that client for Contract selected only.

Referral Outcome

  • Referral Outcome – Select from the dropdown list, single select.

Referral Contacts

All contacts for the client selected will be displayed here. These are not able to be edited.

Day Case (Includes Community Day, Vocational)

The user will be asked to complete Day Service Specific fields including Days Attending, Funding type and Days funded, if this changes in the future then use the Change Case Details screen to make the changes.

Residential (includes Crisis Repsite, Planned Respite and Residential Services Contract Types)

The user will be asked to complete Residential Service Specific fields including Planned Admissions, Residential Unit

Admission Details

 By default, the first admission details will automatically display from the information you completed in the Residential Section;

  • When the client arrived, the User will be able to go to the Referral and press “Admit Client” and they will be taken to the Change Case Details screen and made to enter in the Actual Admission Date and any other mandatory fields. In the Referral screen the “Admit Client” will disappear and the Actual Date of Admission will display, this will place the client into the Residential Schedule and Daily Notes

Next Admission

  • This button is only available in Edit mode, if the user wants to create the next admission or admission(s) used for Planned Respite, then they can create each admission by adding in a Planned Admission Date.
Link Enquiry On selecting this button FileVision will display an Enquiry Search for any enquiries that have been created in the Client’s Name, or a close match.

·         A user can select multi Enquires that match the criteria by ticking the select box next to the enquiry and pressing the “Link Enquires to Referral Button.

·         Once this button is pressed then the linked enquiries will now display in the Referral Entry screen as a hyperlink

Email Acklgmt to Key Contact This button Sends a pre-defined Email to the Client Key Contact, a message will display if there are no email addresses for the Key Contacts

·         Once sent this button will become inactive

Upload Document You are able to save documents against the Client you have just linked this Professional to.  To learn how to save documents into FileVision please review the Document Input User Guide Hyperlink Link to User Guide
Save/Edit Use this button to save information in the Referral Information Section prior to all the fields being completed.
Finalize Referral Once all the fields Referral Information Section are completed the Administrator needs to press this button to lock down the fields in this section.

Once pressed the user will see a Confirmation warning message:

Press OK to continue

Close Selecting Close will return you to your previous screen.
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