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Client Information – Education Tab

Education Tab – How to create or edit

Procedure: All educational facilities can be added to this screen, including preschools, primary schools and Regional Health Schools.  You must first select the profile of the client where the information will be entered.

Once you have searched for your Client, click on the Education Tab, first check to see if the School Details have already been added or click on Add New School. 

Only basic information is required; there are no Mandatory fields.

Complete the fields shown if you have the information, you can edit the information by clicking on the Edit button.  Press the Save button to save any changes

Select Upload Document – to upload any documents, this will open the Document Upload screen with the client name self-populated.

School History – displayed will be a table with all previous school records displayed.

Add New School

Selecting Delete will Delete the Education Information.

Selecting Close will return you to your previous screen.

Press Save to save the record.  To go back to the main Client record, press the clients Hyperlinked name on the top left hand corner  in the blue bar.

To Correct the Information: You can select the Edit Button to update or change the information

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