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Client Information – Relationships

Relationship Tab – How to create or edit.

This screen has been developed to collect client’s relationships- Family/Whanau or members of the local community that the child/young person and the Key Contacts identify as being significant relationships. This could include siblings, grandparents or close family friends


Procedure: A new Relationship contact can be added to an active client case record at any point in time.  The process for adding a new Relationship contact is the same no matter whether the contact record is added during the processing of an accepted referral for a client or throughout the Client’s care.

To add a new Relationship contact, the user must first open the Client Information Record.

Go to the Contacts Tab

  • Select the Add New Contact This will ask a question on what type of Contact you want to add.

  • Select the Relationship button

You will need to enter in the Relationship’s surname or first name in the Search Section located on the Blue Top Menu Bar, a partial name is fine, you can type in “John” and it will find any professionals with the first name of John or a surname of Johnston, Johnstone etc. etc.


This screen is set up the same way as for All the Contact screens.

These fields are all Mandatory – you must complete before you can save.

Duplicate button, this button is only available if you have opened an existing Relationship, when Duplicate is selected, the relationship contact screen will open for you to input a new contact, if a similar record exits you will receive a warning message.


Select Continue if this is correct, or Update this will take the user to the existing record for any updates to be made, Cancel will delete the relationship record.

Press Save to save the record.

To go back to the main Client Information record, press the clients Hyperlinked name on the top left hand corner

Case Notes Updates

Each new edit will also be updated into the Case Notes


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