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Document Management – Glossary & Menu Button

Glossary of Terms

In FileVision all documents can be viewed and/or printed out at any time, however if someone is editing a document and have it Checked Out the document FileVision will stop all other users from editing it until it is Checked In

Checked In: To put the document back in to Edit mode.

Checked Out: To make the document un-editable by another user.

Add-In Method – FileVision provides a set of “Add-ins” which is normally installed by your IT Support, this is small program attached to Word, Excel and PDF, that creates additional buttons that allows the user to Save a New Document, save back in an existing document or saves as a PDF directly from your Office suite.

Manual Method – Manual Method means the User opens FileVision first then uses the Document Upload and Check In buttons to save a new document or save an existing document back into FileVision.



The Manual Method is highly recommended if you wish to work on a document outside (offline) from FileVision for a longer period of time

The Add-In Method is great for saving a new document or a quick revision of an existing document.



Documents Menu Button

This is what will be available to you under Documents if selected prior to searching and selecting client.

Once client has been selected – the Document View items will also be available for the client selected.

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