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Document Search

Document Search

The Document Search screen will allow a user to search for documents using any or a combination of the Keywords and dates, upon retrieving a positive result the search can be exported to a csv or drilled down on to open up the document.

How to search for a document

Procedure: Follow the steps below to Search for documents

Click Documents and then Document Search

This screen will enable you to search using a variety of categories and options to find the exact document or range of documents you require.


At least one search criteria must be selected but you can select as many fields as you wish, to help narrow down your search.



Department – Lists all available departments.

Document Name – A user can enter in a document name or partial document name for searching.

Document Type – Lists all types available.

Document Folder – Lists all folders available.

Doc Information – Free text field.

Auto filing – Select a client from the drop-down list or leave blank.

Status – Select from the drop down list or leave blank.

Doc Date – If checked the Quick Date Range will use the Document Date to base its search.

Doc Saved – If checked the Quick Date Range will use the Document Saved Date to base its search from.

Document Date Quick Selection

  • Between – User can select to and from date fields
  • Today – Current Date is selected.
  • Yesterday – Yesterday’s date is selected.
  • Month to Date – 1st of current month to current date is selected.
  • Last Month – 1st of previous month to the last date of previous month is selected.
  • Year to Date – 01/01/xx of current year to 31/12/xx of current year is selected.

Show Hidden/Archived Doc – If selected all documents that are hidden/archived will display.

Created By – Lists all users.

Modified By – Lists all users.

Saved Searches – Lists all saved searches.

Once your search criteria have been completed Press the Start Search button

All documents found will be displayed in your Document Research Results.

To Save a search criteria select.  Press the Save Search button

You will then be asked to enter in a Name your Saved Search, remember other users will be able to see this Search Criteria so Name it something meaningful.

Press Ok to save your Search Criteria.

Press Cancel if you do not wish to save the search.

To clear any exiting search criteria, select New Search

This will clear all fields.

All documents found from your search will be listed in the Results.

Clicking the Blue Highlighted name will download a copy of the document to your device where you can make changes before re-uploading via any of the methods detailed earlier in this document.

The Select All and Deselect All  buttons allow you to select certain documents in the search results screen.

Once selected the Export and FV Email buttons become available.

FV Email Button

This will open the FileVision Email Screen, a user can select as many documents from within a folder to send in one email.  A document or documents need to be selected first by ticking the Check Box to each document before any buttons will work.

The documents are attachments in the email.

When Close is selected the user will be taken back to a blank Document Search screen.

Update Criteria – this button will take the user back to the top of the Document Search screen, with the original search criteria still showing so the user can change or update the criteria.


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