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Documents – Document View Screen

Document View Screen

This button is only available if a client is selected, you can search for a document if you don’t know the client name.

Documents can be emailed from here, and all internal emails are written into the Case Notes along with the recipients, who sent the email and the full message.

The Document View menu item will list all document folders, each folder can be expanded or collapsed and each folder will display a document count in brackets to display the number of documents saved in that particular folder, if there are no document’s then no brackets will display.

Folder Structure:  If a client belongs to more than one service they will have a separate folder and sub-folder for each service.  As shown below this client has referrals for Residential Services and Community Services, if they are referred into a service that they have previously been referred to then the new documents will be saved in the already existing service folders

How to view a Document for a client

Procedure: Follow the steps below to view Documents

Select Document View from the Document Menu

Once folder is selected, the document details are available.

Document Name – Full document name – Hyperlink field that will open Document Details.

Download Icon  Selecting this will open and download the document.

KW 1 – Will show the Document Type

KW – Will show the Document Folder the document is saved under

Extn – This displays the type of electronic file this is. Ie Doc, xls, pdf, jpeg.

Status – This displays the current document status (colour coded)


Doc Date – Displays the date the document was uploaded.


Check Box Show Hidden/Archived– If checked all documents that are hidden/archived will display.

Document Details – Click the Document Name Hyperlink to open Document Details



Tick Box to the left of the Download Icon – when this is selected the Email Button will become available.


Document Name – If in Edit mode this can be changed.


Document Folder Name – If in Edit mode this can be changed, a folder name can be selected from the list, this will move the document to the appropriate folder.


Document Type – If in Edit mode this can be changed, if changed from the list supplied the Document will be moved to the new folder.


Description – Free text field.


Auto Filing Keyword – Will display the clients name, if in edit mode can select another client to move the document to.


Case – Displays the Case assigned to the Document (Client Department Only) You must select a Case if a case has not defaulted, the case you select dictates what main folder the document will be stored under, ie In Residents, or Community Services.


Status – Displays assigned status, if in edit mode can select a new status.


Document Date – Displays document date – if in edit mode can enter a new date.


Created By – Displays who saved the document.


Version Control – Displays the current version status.

Version History Button


This shows all the Version History and allows the user to review past versions.

The version number is a Hyperlink to the document in view mode only.


Close Button – will take user back to the previous screen.

Email History Button


Will display each time this document has been emailed from the internal FileVision email feature.

The version number will be a Hyperlink to the document selected.


Close Button – will take user back to the previous screen.

Check Out/Check In Button


Check Out

This will check the document out to the logged in user and download the document ready for editing. The display under the Version Control section will go from Available to Checked Out to User.



Check In

Can only Check In if the document is checked out.

Save – will save the document as the next version.

Check In Without Updating – Will check back in the original document without any changes.

Cancel – will cancel the action the take the user back to the document view screen.


Emailing a Document from the Document View Screen

Procedure: Follow the steps below to Email a Document(s)


Please select document first, tick box on top right of document summary – once this is selected the email button will become available. Please see FileVison Email user guide.


Any emails sent will also be available in the Sent box of Outlook.

Document View Buttons

Procedure: Follow the steps below to view Documents

Edit Button

This button will allow the user to change any of the Document Details fields

Delete Button – User can permanently delete the document

Close Button

User is taken back to the screen they came from. This button is in both Edit and View mode.

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