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Getting Started

Login to FileVision

Step Action
1 Login using your User ID and Password, FileVision will not remember your password but if the browsers asks to save your details, it will remember your User Name only.

2 Once logged in your Dashboard will appear.

My Profile in FileVision 

To view your profile in FileVision, select the person icon from the top menu bar 

This information is entered when your User Profile was set up by the System Administrator, to make any changes select Edit and update.


FileVision Help

To access Online FileVision Help, Select from the top menu drop down arrow, select FileVision Help, this can be accessed at any time anywhere within FileVision and will open in a new tab.


This will open the Fraame Website with a direct link to your FileVision User Guides


Select the User Guide or type in a keyword into the Search Bar, the search result will display all areas the key word is used.


Select the area you require and the User Guide will open.


When you have finished close the link, you will be returned to the screen you had open in FileVision.

How to Log out of FileVision

To Log out click the Log out button located in the top Right Hand corner of screen.


Automatic Logout

You will be automatically logged out after 20 minutes of non-activity and the screen will return to the Login screen. You will receive a warning 1 minute before you are logged out to confirm if you still want to be logged in or not.


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