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Saving a New Document – Add-in Method

Saving a New Document – Using the Add-In Method

Documents can then be uploaded by Add-In method (as described below) or the manual method as described here.  The Add-ins will need to be installed on your device in order to use them so may only be available if you are using a MASH Device.


Follow the steps below to assign information and upload a document:

Create your document or have a newly sent document open on screen, once you are ready you will need to save it into FileVision using the Save New icon in the FileVision Tab located at the top of Word or Excel


Quick Access Tool bar

You can add the FileVision items to the Quick Access Tool bar that is always located at the top of Word or Excel, by right clicking the item from the FileVision Toolbar and selecting the Add to Quick Access Tool bar, this will then permanently display at the top for you so you don’t need to click on the FileVision tab each time.

If you are not logged into FileVision you will be asked to login first or if this is the first time you have used the Add-in it will ask you to log in using your FileVision User Name and password

The Add-in will take the user to the Document Upload screen and have the Document sitting as a temporary document until the following fields are completed

First Step

  • Auto filing: You will need to select your Clients Name (the format is Surname, Firstname and Ref Number) if you type the first few letters of the clients surname and then click the down arrow the list will start from there.
  • Case – (Client Department Only) You must select a Case if a case has not defaulted, the case you select dictates what main folder the document will be stored under, ie In Residents, or Community Services.


Other Steps

  • Department: By default, the Client Department, this is to save client-based documents.
  • Document Type – User selects the type of document they are uploading.
  • Document Folder – User selects the folder they wish the document to be stored in.
  • Auto filing – for Client if Client is selected prior to opening Document Input this will be populated with client name, if client was not selected please select client from drop down menu, if Department – Client was selected.
  • Doc Information – You can write in additional information about the document if you want.
  • Status – by default, Draft will display, however there are other document status’s that can be assigned, this will also form part of the document name
  • Document Date – Defaults to the current date but can be over written if need be.
  • Document Saved – This defaults to the current date, but can be overwritten.
  • Document Name – The document name will automatically display, you can add to/alter the name by clicking in the field and typing.

If you change a Keyword such as Status, Folder or Type after you type in a new document name it will revert the document name back using the Automatic Naming Rule.

So please ensure you update the Document Name last.

Upload button

To Save the document into FileVision Click the Upload button, if you wish not to proceed click on the Cancel Button, the document will not be saved into FileVision at this time

You will get a confirmation screen, click OK to continue.

If the mandatory fields have not been selected you will see this warning message


When selecting this button it will reset all the defaults back to what they were when you first opened this Document Input

Recent Documents

This will display all recent documents, select Tick Box Current Date or Last 24 Hours, the most current will be listed at the top.



Selecting Hyperlink will download the document.

Select tick box on the far right, once this is selected the Email button becomes available.

Please see FileVison Email User Guide. Any emails sent will also be available in the Sent box of Outlook.


Once this button is selected the screen will close and take you back to your previous screen.

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