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Saving a New Document – Manual Method

Document Input Screen – Saving a New Document – Manual Method

How to Save a New Document

Procedure: Follow the steps below to add a document

Search for your Client and click on the Documents Menu then the Document Input screen.  Throughout FileVision there are buttons labeled “Upload Document” , normally near the bottom right hand corner, this button will take the user to the Document Input Screen and default the clients information into the Auto filing field


Department – User can select the filing department for document, but typically it will default to the Client Department, this is where all Client related documents are saved to.

  • Clients – If filing a document from within a client the name will automatically self-populate in the Autofiling field – if filing from the Document Widget, the Client Department is defaulted it is mandatory to select an Autofiling Key Word.
    • Mandatory Fields – You must select a Case if a case has not defaulted, the case you select dictates what main folder the document will be stored under, ie In Residents, or Community Services.


  • MASH Operations – this is where all common documents can be stored, this would include guideline documents, Policies and Procedures and forms. These will be displayed in the Knowledge Centre.


  • Human Resources – This is where any HR type documents can be saved. This department may not be utilised by MASH

Complete the Following fields


Document Type – User selects the type of document they are uploading.

Document Folder – User selects the folder they wish the document to be stored in.

Autofiling – for Client if Client is selected prior to opening Document Input this will be populated with client name, if client was not selected please select client from drop down menu, if Department – Client was selected.

Doc Information

Status – Please select from the options available.

Document Date – Defaults to the current date but can be over written if need be.

Document Saved – This defaults to the current date, but can be overwritten.

Document Name The document name will automatically display, you can add to/alter the name by clicking in the field and typing.

If you change a Keyword such as Status, Folder or Type after you type in a new document name it will revert the document name back using the Automatic Naming Rule.

So please ensure you update the Document Name last.

Choose File

The User can browse to a saved document, and select for uploading.


Drag and drop the document – drag document and drop on the Choose File button, once this has been done you should see the file name

Once a document has been chosen you need to Upload the document into FileVision by pressing the

Upload button

You will get a confirmation screen, click OK to continue.

If the mandatory fields have not been selected you will see this warning message


When selecting this button, it will reset all the defaults back to what they were when you first opened this Document Input

Add Document Type (For System Admin Security Role only)

This button allows the System Administrator the ability to new keywords, this keyword then would be available to all other users.  IF necessary Keywords are also managed in the Master Administrators screen.

Recent Documents

This will display all recent documents, select Tick Box Current Date or Last 24 Hours, the most current will be listed at the top.



Selecting Hyperlink will download the document.

Select tick box on the far right, once this is selected the Email button becomes available.

Please see FileVison Email User Guide. Any emails sent will also be available in the Sent box of Outlook.

Close – once this button is selected the screen will close and take you back to your previous screen.

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