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Terminology and Navigation

FileVision Health requires only an internet browser and connection to the internet to run. We recommend using Google Chrome which is available on all major platforms.

Google Chrome downloads:


Field Types

Throughout this guide various fields will be mentioned this list describes what each field type is and what it does.

Field Explanation
Free Text You can enter free text including letters, numbers and symbols. NB. Some free text fields may limit number of characters you can use
Drop Down If you see a field with a down facing arrow on the right hand side, this indicates that you will need to select an item from the drop down menu.  Choose from the list (there is a scroll bar to the side if there are more options)

Multi-Select Indicated by boxes  and allows you to select more than one item. You can tick as many items as required.

Check/Tick Box A check or tick box is similar to the multi-select boxes except you can only select ONE item.

Date Dates that aren’t current such as Date of Birth the User can click inside the date field and type in the correct date using the correct date format DD/MM/CCYY or select the Calendar by clicking the down arrow.

Example: Date of Birth.

Hyperlink A hyperlink is normally indicated by a word or field that is a different color. When your cursor is placed over the field it turns into the ‘hand symbol. You can then click on the word/item to take you to the next document/page.  If you click on a document name that is a hyperlink it will open up. If you click on a hyperlink for a Clients name or referral it will take you to the appropriate screen.  If you click on the hyperlink by mistake, click the back arrow in your browser    to go back to the first screen.In the example the date is a hyperlink.

Mandatory Fields These will be marked with a Red Asterix, you will not be able to save the screen until all Mandatory fields are completed. A warning will appear.

Save/Edit The Save and Edit button toggles, in the first instance you will see once you have pressed edit you can edit information previously saved (if your access allows).

Once you have finished the button will turn into a SAVE button.

Click on SAVE for your changes to be saved.

Restore/Cancel If you are in Edit mode and press Cancel you will lose any new information and go back to the Screen in View mode.

Keyboard Navigation

You can navigate throughout FileVision Health using your keyboard to speed up your work processes.

Tab – Pressing tab will move you through the fields.

Space Bar – Ticks a Box – if you tab to a tick box you can press the space bar for a tick to activate.  You can press the space bar again to un-tick.

Enter – The Enter button is typically associated with a Save or Next function if you tab through fields to complete them then press Enter this will save or move you though to the next screen.

Address Fields 

Both the Primary and Physical Address fields work with Google Maps, you can start typing in a address and you will be presented with possible matches, if you can’t see a match keep typing it in manually, FileVision will accept this.  If you find the address and want to alter it you can select the address from the Google options and then over type it. 

For Example Google has 96 Manchester Street but you want Unit 2/96 Manchester Street and can’t find it, select the 96 Manchester Street and add Unit 2/ at the beginning.  You can also add additional information such as C/- ABC Residential Home etc 

If you have a Physical Address that is also the same as the postal address you do not need to enter this information again, when you save the record you will be asked “Do you want to update the Postal Address to be the same as the Physical Address?”  if you select Yes then the Postal addess will update with the same information as the Physcial address, if you select No then the field will not update.  You will be asked this question each time you change an address field.

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