Flexibility and professionalism are the cornerstone of our services. Whether you need advise, analysis, design, development, implementation, or support to meet your corporate information management or web presence needs, Fraame Healthcare is ready to assist. We can fit in with you, supporting you when and where you need it.

The Implementation and Support Services provided by our Application Support team are designed to provide a complete solution for your organisation. Fraame Healthcares focus is on making Information Technology straightforward, transparent and easy for you. We deliver a complete operational solution, allowing you to focus on your business.

The planning phase is the foundation of your success with information relationship management. The goal of this phase is to define the data structure needed for a successful implementation. During this critical phase the implementation team researches, analyses and evaluates your current capabilities, procedures and security structure. Filing structures, keywords, work groups, departments and security will be recommended. A complete business case and implementation plan will be provided for review and approval before the implementation phase begins. Fraame believes that with any business whether large or small, implementation should be executed incrementally.

The FileVision Health base system which includes document management, imaging, workflow and the relationship management database will be tailored and configured to meet the customer’s unique needs in this phase. Implementation includes installation of the software, set up for each user, training, test design and configuration of the system. Implementation starts with an individual department or process, and once the first application is up and running, the other departments or processes are rolled out over time based on business needs.

Fraame Healthcare subscribes to a true hands-on training philosophy. Users are trained on how they will use the system, utilizing the information associated with each of their existing processes. Users are never trained based only on product features and are not brought into the classroom environment to have features drilled into their heads. Only the features that are a part of the processes and practices customers use in their daily work environment are taught. This unique process training approach creates productive and satisfied customers and a quick return on investment.

Once implementation is complete, the support phase begins. Fraame Healthcare focuses attention on making the customer project successful and ensures the smooth running of ongoing processes. Reviews are conducted and adjustments are made. Fraame Healthcare provides online and help desk support and assistance in implementing any new version of FileVision Health. Progress will be assessed continually, to ensure results produce optimum efficiency.

Fraame Healthcare specializes in and employs experts in the areas of information relationship management, document management software, document imaging and workflow software with a focus on business process analysis. Fraame Healthcares expertise is in analyzing customer processes and determining how to configure the software to fit individual processes, rather than having customers change their processes to fit the software.

We design and build software to solve real-world business problems.

Fraame Healthcares web design and development team have a diverse and in-depth range of skills in the web development arena. These skills range from .NET and SQL databases, through to HTML and CMS development as well as integration with messaging using Outlook and other tools. We deliver integrated solutions incorporating software and deployment solutions.

Our web development clients range from public sector organisations and blue-chip companies to small and medium size businesses in the health, non government and commercial sectors.