Social services organisations are increasingly looking to understand how their activities and programmes support the clients, whānau and communities they work with. Irrespective of the type of services provided – support for families at vulnerable times, early intervention, prevention or social cohesion services – organisations are increasingly looking for software packages to help:

  •  measure the impact and outcomes they achieve
  •  give staff easy access to the information and tools they require
  •  understand and improve programmes and services
  • easily report to funders

Good Case Management (CRM) applications support the providers, with not only accurate and complete records on clients, but ensures secure and robust mechanisms for real time data capture, reporting and measuring outcomes using sophisticated measuring and monitoring tools that integrate with the core Case Management application (for example Psychometric assessment tools). The ongoing development of delivering services into the community setting at the point of care, has also seen an increase in the size and complexity of the organisations providing services in the Non Government sector and therefore requires a more integrated and  comprehensive focus on the use of technology to ensure services levels are maintained and improved.

FileVision Health is a great application for the sector, as it not only incorporates a sophisticated Case Management core, but includes comprehensive document management, compliance and Policy Management tools and work flow functionality that can assist in the automation of the work practice and improve the operational efficiency of staff and the organisation generally.

Checkout how Infoxchange independently reviewed FileVision Health below and take the first step to improving your Case Management systems!

Case management systems for social service sector organisations –

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