Health and social services organisations need to understand how their activities and programmes support the clients, whānau and communities they work with. Organisations providing support for families at vulnerable times, early intervention, prevention, or social cohesion services are increasingly looking for software to help:

  • measure impact and outcomes
  • give staff easy access to information and tools
  • understand and improve programmes and services
  • easily report to funders

Non-government organisations are becoming bigger and more complex as social services are increasingly delivered directly to the organizatons. Integrating good technology can help them maintain and improve service levels.

Case management (CRM) applications support these providers. A good Case Management application manages accurate and complete client records and captures data securely in real time. Reporting and measuring outcomes should be made easy using sophisticated measuring and monitoring tools (such as psychometric assessment tools) that integrate with the core CRM application.

FileVision Health provides a sophisticated CRM core with comprehensive document management, compliance and policy management tools, and work flow functionality to automate tasks and help the organisation and its people work efficiently.

Fraame Healthcare’s Case Management (CRM) software FileVision Health, fits the needs of any organisation, whatever the size. Small and medium sized organisations and enterprises alike make use of the FileVision Health’s document management software, document imaging, workflow and case  management technology.

FileVision Health is the Client/Case Management tool, designed suitably and priced right for any business. With added functionality such as application integration to any line of business application and electronic forms, FileVision Health rounds out its suite of products, making it the most comprehensive and affordable information relationship management solution available today.

Unlike existing Client/Case Management Software  and other document management solutions that fail to leverage informational relationships within an organisation, FileVision Health bridges the gap between digital content and paper documents. FileVision Health helps organisations intelligently link and match documents to important data such as people, companies, processes and assets. 

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